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PETA Coffee        PETA Cruelty Free Coffee

100% organic & shade grown, PETA Coffee is grown on farms where no chemicals are used that might harm animals or people. It also protects migratory and native bird habitats from deforestation in the tropical highlands.

25% of every sale will go to PETA, excluding tax, shipping and handling. For example, a $9.99 bag of coffee will generate a minimum contribution of $2.50 to life saving work of PETA.

Beast of Burden Free - no animals were used in the production or harvesting of PETA Cruelty-Free Coffee.  

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 Why Shop with Us?

Above: nest in an organic coffee tree on a PETA Coffee farm.

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Did You Know?

Shade grown and organic coffee beans yield a more complex and flavorful cup than regular coffees. Try some for yourself today!

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No Ruffled Feathers Decaf
No Ruffled Feathers Decaf
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No Ruffled Feathers Decaf - 2 lb. Value Size Bag
No Ruffled Feathers Decaf - 2 lb. Value Size Bag
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Our price: $20.99
Melitta, Unbleached, #4 Cone Filters - 40 Count
Melitta, Unbleached, #4 Cone Filters - 40 Count
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Flying Free French Roast
Flying Free French Roast
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I'm so happy that PETA is now selling shade-grown, cruelty-free coffee!

It is very important for people to know that wherever trees are clear cut (such as on coffee plantations), 1000s of animals die. Every type of ecological devastation causes the death of huge numbers of indigenous animals of all kinds: birds, insects, mammmals, reptiles, amphibians. Animals need habitat. Imagine the wonderful creatures that must inhabit the canopy of shade-grown coffee!!!

So buying coffee that is shade-grown is imperative for all animal lovers. Fortunately, most shade-grown coffee is organic...

For years, I have purchased fair-trade, organic, shade-grown coffee!! And now I can buy this coffee and support PETA at the same time!!

Great News! PETA gets it right again!!
r worrell

I just want to let PETA know that I am a new customer. We live in Rochester, NY, and bought your coffee in Tops. I am very conscious of what I support when it comes to coffee. I will always pay an extra few dollars to have coffee in our house that is organic, fairly traded and conscious of the environment. We are also very aware of the taste of coffee. For our taste, the French Roast is a tad bitter, so we decided we'll try the Breakfast Blend next. We are happy to support this mission and have good coffee at the same time. 25% of PETA's profit goes into the project and that is a very generous percentage. Thanks so much.
Heather in NY
(PUSH Physical Theatre)

I am a monthly supporter of PETA and in awe of what they do for animals! What a wonderful passion! I never knew the horror that occurs with animal testing, and NOW I am aware, I have replaced all products that test on animals and now I have found COFFEE! I cant wait to try these products as well. Hats off to you in 2011. Keep making history for our beloved animals everywhere!
Robin Bush

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